Couldn't be more obvious these guys are feds, or yet another giant failure of the intelligence community

After the Capitol incident in Washington DC on January 6th the right wing has dealt with a serious identity crisis. One segment of their community condemned the actions at the Capitol unilaterally, others didn’t condemn it but have distanced themselves from it, yet others distanced themselves from it by explaining how it was crisis actors or undercover Antifa (some conspiracy by Democrats), and no segment has come forward so far (that I’ve seen) to openly celebration this action, call it a success or failure, and encourage more of the same.

With this reality, it’s no surprise at all that right-wing groups have been carefully distancing themselves from public actions. There’s no large scale right-wing events on the horizon, as they still haven’t figured out what their next steps are.

Yet, somehow the FBI and mainstream media sites suggested that there would be a big armed protest on Sunday, January 17th at the state capitols which would be following up the Trump protests or have something to do with the inauguration. It can’t be understated how the media really argued that this January 17th event posed an existential threat to American Democracy, so unprecedented scale of military and law enforcement assets were needed.

It’s possible this event may have been planned prior to January 6th and subsequently supporters backed away, but either way 5 days prior to the event places like TheDonald.Win had pinned announcement threads like this so they could pro-actively distance themselves from any actions that happened:

This was posted on January 12th, 5 days prior to this alleged big event yesterday on Sunday January 17th.

And no surprise, all across the country, virtually no one showed up for these protests. I heard not a peep about the planning for this event, and I watch extremist websites as a hobby.

Those that did show up are probably all government agents. It’s pretty clear that’s what happened in Oregon judging by the appearance of these guys:

What is this, a Unity rally where black-clad Antifa came together with Boog boys? All while holding completely generic signs like “disarm the government”? Black flags AND American flags? It’s absolutely no surprise half of these guys are dressed like Antifa, and the other half dressed like generic right wingers, because the goal was obviously to divide these government agents into the separate protest groups if people showed up. There’s absolutely ZERO political iconography consistent with the prevailing and fringe political elements today if we assumed this was a cohesive group.

If these dolt government agents did half a days homework they would have brought signs like “Stop the Steal” because that is a right wing talking point.

There is an official story as to why their attire and imagry makes no sense whatsoever:

According to The Statesmen Journal:

They identified themselves as the "Liberty Boys" or part of the "Liberty movement" — but are also known as the "boogaloo bois." The group of about 15 walked back and forth in front of the building for a while — several carried guns, wore camouflage and were masked. Some carried flags, including the American flag.


A few group members interviewed by the Statesman Journal said they were there to defend their rights, including the First and Second amendments, but none interviewed would give their names. One said they were not there to support either political party. 

KATU got a video interview with the dorkiest of them, as if the real militants wear hipster glasses, this guy states:

This was probably just like a one time thing, but if it needs to happen again we’ll come out again.

We’re not pro-Trump we’re not pro-Biden we’re not here for a political reason.

Megan Allison explained these protests were “a second amendment protest” and that they “planned this event for months.” This guy in Michigan explains:

This event was planned in November by libertarians, before the election even happened. We picked this date because we knew that no matter who won it was going to be a giant mess and people would be screaming at eachother and wanting to fight. We wanted to get together before inauguration, “Hey guys, there’s no reason to fight eachother.”

“at least the BLM and the Antifa people we work with hate them [Democrats] just as much”

Right bro….You’re a boogaloo boy working with Antifa. And you started planning this “in November” “before the election” (an election that happened on the 3rd day of that month). If this dude would have said “October” this whole message would make more sense. But nothing says “Let’s talk this out peacefully” like “BRING YOUR AR15 TO YOUR STATE’S CAPITOL AND DEESCALATE!” Who were these “libertarians” thinking they were going to attract? It’s been obvious since summer time of 2020 where the ideological camps have been, and there’s been no room for fence sitting libertarians. Most young libertarians ended up in one of the polar camps, be it Antifa/BLM or Pro-Trump.

None of these dudes are actually protesters, they’re all completely obvious undercover law enforcement. As I’ve explained in the past, Oregon’s counter-terrorism team are a bunch of fucking morons - they simply don’t have a working model to understand actual terrorism threats, and they barely grasp politics. The people running the show are a bunch of low-IQ TV watching Boomers.

Regardless of who these guys are, let’s pause for a minute and think about wasted resources.

Over the past week there has been a huge fear-driven ramp up, with a virtually unprecedented commitment from law enforcement, big tech, and the National Guard to silence and shutdown the nefarious right wing groups. The justification for deploying thousands of troops and untold thousands of law enforcement was that the DHS/FBI had credible concerns about possible acts of violence on Sunday January 17th at these State Capitol protests. Sometime in the last few days the message has evolved from “January 17th” to “the week of the inauguration” to justify a prolonged deployment of troops. And honestly, this is a moronic strategy from a military perspective - every insurgency group would just wait for the entrenched forces to leave - they have the option of patience.

And in the end, if you believe the cops/protesters/media who claim they’re “libertarian protesters”, these people are not even right-wing by their own admission. They had nothing to do will Trump protests in the Capitol. The largest event on Sunday was in Texas with allegedly 100 people showing up. Journalists out numbered protesters in Salem, yet millions upon millions of dollars were spent nation-wide to “protect the Capitols” from hipsters who don’t know dick about guns.

Meanwhile, just 16 days ago a lone wolf terrorist detonated a massive home made explosive in Nashville targeting critical telecommunications infrastructure - and the FBI was explicitly warned in advance, took no action. Thank God the Nashville bomber was the nicest terrorist in American history, having enough decency to try and warn civilians to evacuate prior to the explosion. Like fucking God Bless that bomber for minimizing civilian causalities. Imagine if instead this dude wanted to murder as many civilians as possible, it would be like Oklahoma City Bombing all over again.

And after all of this big talk from the FBI about January 17th, with probably hundreds of law enforcement and military on standby in Salem in case of some “big uprising” we’re left with few potential theories:

  • The government (FBI, DHS) completely misunderstood the size, scale, and political inclination of this separate group. The government wasted untold millions of dollars preparing for an event that less than 100 people nationally showed up to.

  • This “separate group” was actually just a law enforcement charade all along and the few dozen people who showed up in a handful of states almost entirely undercover agents. All the same, the government concocted a story about an “uprising” coming to honey pot people, and blew millions upon millions of dollars in police overtime and national guard activation.

Either possibility opens up an entire conversation about “Fraud, Waste and Abuse.”

I also really like the matching balaclavas from these fellas in Oregon. Great touch guys. In the age of Covid you really didn’t need to waste government money on buying balaclavas, you morons could have just worn a hat and face mask. Speaking of which, nothing says “Libertarian political extremist” like the guy wearing a blue face mask….bro, in your undercover role you don’t believe in Covid. And what is going on with that guy’s gun and vest?! There’s not a magazine or optic, yet some big ass bipod or foregrip? Everything about these undercover dudes is a mess.

Here’s a picture out of Michigan of the “right wing” group who showed up to protest:

Same balaclava! What a coincidence! This woman in BLM gear is running the exact same gas mask as a guy in Oregon. What a coincidence!

Another coincidence: all of these guys in Oregon and Michigan are running dog-shit tier guns and gear. I’m assuming it’s because these were bought on a government credit card, and the guns needed to be disposable. For example, bro with the rainbow flag has a $40 Bushnell TRS-25 optic with a rifle that wouldn’t be considered “modern” for 3+ years, his optic is not at the right height to shoot accurately on an AR15 platform (that optic needs a riser), which means this dude has never even test fired the gun he brought to the State Capitol in Michigan. His vest pouches fail to match the actual vest, and he’s got just two pouches (with no extra magazines) instead of running the standard 3. This isn’t this guys gun, it isn’t his vest - it’s borrowed, and likely one federal agent bought up all of this shit and distributed it to field offices where it was then distributed to these people. Every single person pictured in Michigan and Oregon with the exception of 1 single guy, appears to have no firearm or tactical gear experience. What really gives it away is the small stuff, like every one of these guys has the cheapest, shittest sling that you can get from Amazon, even though a quality sling is only $50.

In reality, any ideological young male libertarian got into buying guns long before the 2020 panic buying, even the most urbanite will spend some amount of time training with their gun. All libertarian dudes are going to spend a few hours figuring out modern practices with tactical gear. These guys ain’t Ron Paul lovin’ libertarians given they have no experience with firearms, clearly spent no money on their gear or guns.

Here’s a dude in Oregon running the same dog-shit tier firearm optic:

Nothing says “I’m tactically squared away” like your water bottle falling out. This guy has never even played Paintball or Airsoft, certainly isn’t prior military, as a water bottle bouncing around like that is something that would be squared away by any idiot paying attention to themselves.

And here’s the one dude who actually looks like he may know what he’s doing: his mags are in the correct direction, at least - one consistent color of camo for his clothing. But all the same, I’m pretty sure this dude is rocking a Palmetto State Armory AK47, which is basically the cheapest AK on the market. And even though this dude has a kydex retention holster (Safariland?) he’s opted for a rifle that doesn’t have an optic on it, not even a red dot…or a flash light. And the tennis shoes really round out this look.

Plus, is anyone pretending there’s ideological consistency between a guy wearing a Banksy morale patch and a dude with a Boogaloo flag? These people would be on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum.

The militants over in a Syria, Yemen and Ukraine probably see these pictures and think “Are Americans really this dumb?” The only people fooled by these undercover agents are people that have no concept of militancy.