Thanks for mentioning Diego Hernandez. His case never received the media attention it deserved. Andrea Valderrama, her sister Ana del Rocio (or whatever name she is using these days) and Jenn Baker came out of this tawdry affair just fine. (Evidence that if you give women power, they don’t behave any better than men. Maybe even worse.)

But then there were the other two complainants who ganged up on Hernandez at the House Conduct Committee hearings —Shaina Pomerantz, who served briefly as Hernandez’s chief of staff, and Portland race activist Teressa Raiford, who had the decency to at least use her name and testify on her own behalf.

The committee did not substantiate the complaints by Pomerantz and Raiford. It didn’t slow either of them down.

Pomerantz went to work for the state Bureau of Labor and Industries. In short order, she filed a discrimination suit after her probation period was extended. (She alleged the only reason her probation period was extended was because she was black.)

Unfortunately, BOLI handed Pomerantz $425,000 to settle rather than go to court. It’s too bad. Pomerantz is an unsympathetic character.

She later briefly served on Portland’s Citizen Review Committee, which reviews complaints filed against police. Her brief tenure was marked by demanding another committee member, Vadim Mozyrsky, resign. Why? Because he committed “aggressions” and “micro-aggressions,” and Pomerantz didn’t like the “tone” of his emails.

Now she is running for AG in the Democratic primary, for which she has little chance. Probably she’s looking for somebody to throw her a large piece of meat, preferably with a nice title. That $425,000 settlement was just an appetizer.

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A marvel of invective....keep at it!

One isn't allowed to say these things, but the upper levels of the state are being run by, well..women. Weren't they supposed to save us from, as GuvTina says, "the good old boy network?" It's so disappointing that they're just as capable of cupidity as the old-school cigar choppers.

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As my mother used to say, you can't breed the son-of-a-bitch out of the human race. . .

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