"When I look at our homeless strategy, our transportation strategy, hell even just our public school spending - it really does feel like there’s a tiny cabal of corrupt interests still running the City, County, and State. Saying whatever is necessary to enrich themselves. "

Please name the members of the cabal of corrupt interests who are, in your opinion, running city, county and state to enrich themselves. They benefit from their anonymity. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to name the cabal of corrupt and/or progressive interests who are running things for reasons other than personal gain such as ideological conviction or the pursuit of personal political power. Mike "Vassar Boy" Schmidt would fall into this category, I assume.

Changing topics, if and when local media write about homeless deaths in 2023, I hope they have the integrity to place the blame where it belongs, including the organizations and individuals who work tirelessly to block and discredit just about every initiative by government and private interests to get homeless people off the street and into shelters and to get addicts into detox, rehab and recovery.

While they're at it, news outlets could point out the cruelty of the progressive belief system that justifies a hands-off approach to homelessness and addiction out of respect for the alleged "autonomy" of homeless people and addicts. This is a colossal fib for obvious reasons. It is also so homicidally negligent that it's enough to make an observer conclude that activists and advocates want to create chaos to get back at society for some perceived wrong. You don't need to be an experienced oracle reader to know that most of those activists and their allies in the media have it in for business in general and particularly the businesses who have the gall to ask government to fix the crises of homelessness, addiction, madmen running loose in the streets and crime.

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"Please name the members of the cabal of corrupt interests who are, in your opinion, running city, county and state to enrich themselves. They benefit from their anonymity. Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

I hear where you're coming from, but I have been writing about it for a long time (and will continue to) and the folks who would read an article about political corruption already have a pretty darn good idea of who the corrupt ones are. If you need a list you don't have to do anything besides looking at a list of elected officials. In the article we're commenting on I cited how there was 15,000 people in Portland participating in the KKK secret society. I'm not able to list the whole 15,000 insiders today.

For example, Andrea Valderrama is just grotesquely corrupt, same with her sister Ana Del Rocio. I wrote about this extensively during the whole Diego Hernandez thing and I believe I was the first person to name the "secret victims" were Jenn Baker, Andrea Valderrama, and Ana Del Rocio. Plenty of other "amateur journalists" have pointed this out too, but absolutely no one in "the media" is calling out the absolutely batshit crazy way that Andrea Valderrama got into power. It's one of the most hilarious and juicy dramas in recent Oregon political history and it got fuckall coverage.

Or consider Loretta Smith and Jo Ann Hardesty - both of these women have done so much public embezzlement of money, it's admitted in the papers occasionally. Yet no one cares. Hardesty & Smith might throw their names back in for City Council.

The Kafoury family gets no scrutiny at all, and just a couple years ago they controlled Multnomah County through Deborah, they controlled the Governor's office through Nik Blosser (Debroah's husband, Brown's Chief of Staff). They have an outsized legal influence, election influence, and real estate portfolio - and the patriarchs of the family are communist ideologues. This is the most powerful political dynasty in Oregon and you almost never hear about them.

No one asks about the Goodman family and their history of criminal activities. Like is the parking garage monopoly, downtown trash services, and security services all an interconnected criminal syndicate that does extortion and money laundering? Is it a coincidence that the shitbags at Portland Patrol Inc landed a gargantuan deal with TriMet right as they were losing their contact with the City of Portland? Who could have influenced such a thing?

Gary Coe is one of the biggest shitbags in the city, made his money by actually stealing from and sabotaging poor people. His business skirts the law according to the Oregon Department of Justice. He's a Republican, got no political allies and lots of powerful adversaries. Yet somehow his corrupt business still maintains the big towing contract for the City of Portland. Even though this guy is super unpopular, like actually a villain, I don't think anyone cares enough to take action - certainly not City Council.

I'm going to continue writing about these things - but it's hard to be optimistic.

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