One more thing, as Mr. Jobs used to say...I'm thinking about writing a piece in Dissent about Portland's Pirate Media...and (without outing you) I'd like to have your thoughts on using Substack and where media is going...

Plus: I would love to cross-publish your stuff (along with a plug to your 'stack)--for all I know you have a jillion subs, but I think our Dissenters would really be interested in your work. We've given Kevin Dahlgren a little push into the Substack whirl as well.

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Great reporting and thinking. But why hide behind "Independent writer in Portland?"

When Pam Fitzsimmons and I started the 'stsck, PortlandDissent (essential reading!!!), we decided that we would own what we had to say, knowing it would be anathema to the progressives. The ky didn't fall.

Be brave.

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