Let’s look at some numbers and ask: Is PBOT lying? Is one of the biggest towing contractors in Oregon simply a criminal syndicate? Is there a resolution…

November 2022

Let's look at discrepancies between what Multnomah County claimed would be in the report, and what was actually there.

September 2022

I'm really surprised to see the news making circles around Gonzalez's discounted rent.

April 2022

A brief history on Camas cultivation and it's legacy for white folks and native folks
Portland has struggled for years to solve this damn Columbia River problem and traffic, I say we undermine it.

March 2022

With Sharia Mayfield making her way into politics, it's worth remembering the major political history this family has.

February 2022

Why does the media keep missing simple objections to bad policy?

February 2021

Have you ever told your ex-girlfriend you're banging her crazy sister?
What seems like a obvious move is likely just to be another identity politics play.
Representative Diego Hernandez is back in the news. It's hard to summarize what's going on without simply stating "there's a bunch of bullshit happening…

January 2021

Nothing says “I’m a libertarian political extremist in 2021” like wearing COVID face protection.
Sarah Iannarone's new gig will finally fix everything, right?